Forged Fit

Forged Fit – Building Strong and Athletic Bodies – Not Just Another “Boot Camp”


This is our most common offered training program.  It’s for people that want to take their fitness results to the next level and are committed to an active lifestyle.

This is NOT just another run-of-the-mill “tone you up” boot camp in the park!

This is a fitness system that’s designed to help people change their lives through fitness.

You will fit in if your someone who wants challenge themselves within a high energy, positive group atmosphere.

Bottom Line – You will see results and you will be challenged in this program!

***It’s highly advised you NOT be a complete beginner.  If all you do currently is walk or jog, it’s recommended you do some sort of metabolic resistance training first before starting.  Contact us if you have questions –***

This program meets 3 days / week on Monday, Wednesday’s and Fridays at 530am and 615am at Premier Gymnastics.

These sessions consist of progressive, high intensity workouts that  utilize the use of bodyweight, specialized strength training bands, Suspension Training, and kettlebells which last about 45 mins.

The size of this class ranges from 10-30 people at once.

Session times and locations include:

Premier Gymnastics (107th and Fort) – 530am and 615am – M, W, Fridays

The next Upcoming Scheduled Start Dates for NEW Phases of Forged Fit:

Jan 4th

Feb 1st

March 1st

April 26th

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